“The Borings” Want Google to Stop Trespassing

Couple wants Google to take down image of their home

If we lose the ability to stalk our neighbors via Google's amazing "Street View," we will know just who to blame.

A Pittsburgh-area couple wants a federal judge to reinstate their lawsuit against Internet search engine Google for putting pictures of their house on its "Street View" feature, which allows Internet surfers to see a panaromic view of almost any street in the world, without the couple's permission.
The judge dismissed Aaron and Christine Boring's lawsuit last month saying the couple didn't prove they suffered damages because of the photos of their Franklin Park home. The images were removed after they complained. But had they won it could have forced Google to remove the feature all together. Boo! Google currently allows concerned homeowners to send a note to the company asking that images be removed.

The Borings  (that is seriously their name. We can't make this stuff up) contend they were damaged because Google is essentially "trespassing" for profit.

The Mountain View, Calif., company says pictures of the Boring home were similar to those on a county tax Web site. Google says its policy of removing photos upon request protects offended property owners.

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