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Ontario High School's Baseball Team Gets in on 'Mannequin Challenge'

The team's video includes regular baseball occurrences, like groundouts, slides and even fistfights.



    Ontario High School Does The 'Mannequin Challenge'

    The Ontario High School baseball team's "mannequin challenge" has gone viral, as the team recreated scenes common in the sport. (Published Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016)

    Before they weave into the fabric of everyday life, the latest internet trends tend to first manifest themselves in high school halls, and one SoCal high school is no exception.

    The Ontario High School baseball team has joined the long list of internet users doing what has now been dubbed the "mannequin challenge."

    The challenge is simple: people pose and stand perfectly still in a number of creative positions, all while a camera weaves its way through the "mannequins" and exposes an often complex and intricate scene.

    In their version, Ontario High School's baseball team depicts common scenes of the sport, fights and all.

    But perhaps most impressive is one player's zeal in depicting a fly ball play.

    The player suspends himself in midair by holding a fence with his right arm, while extending an outstretched left arm in anticipation of what is presumably a foul ball or a home run.

    Of course, the scene would not be complete without fans in the background ducking for cover or trying to catch the ball.

    As of Saturday evening, the team's video had nearly 6,000 likes and over 3,400 retweets on Twitter

    If they can transfer their internet success to success on the field, then maybe the 2016-2017 baseball season bodes well for the Jaguars.