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“Suge” Knight Goes to Hospital After Saying He Fired Lawyers

Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight told a judge that he is suffering from blindness and other health complications moments before he was taken to a hospital Monday morning.

Knight told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin that he had fired attorneys handling his murder case and was receiving inadequate medical treatment while in custody.

The Death Row Records co-founder said he was blind in one eye and had only about 15 percent vision in his other eye during a brief court appearance on Monday. Knight said he was having difficulty comprehending the proceedings and told the judge he had been shot six times last year and had a blood clot in his lungs and other complications. He also said he had lost 35 pounds as a result of his injuries.

Brandlin transferred Knight's case to another judge, and he was taken for medical care before his case could be called in Judge Ronald Coen's courtroom. Coen said before calling the case that Knight had been taken to a hospital, but he did not elaborate.

Knight has pleaded not guilty to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges after he struck two men with his truck, killing one, on Jan. 29. He remains held without bail.

Attorney David Kenner, who has represented Knight since the case was filed, told Coen that his client has been jailed too long and a hearing to set bail should be convened as soon as possible. Coen ordered another hearing for Knight on March 9.

Knight said he had fired Kenner and his law partner, telling Brandlin, "I fired these lawyers."

Monday's hearing marks the third time Knight has been taken from a courthouse for medical care since he was charged with murder in early February.

Knight repeatedly tried to speak during the hearing in Brandlin's courtroom, but the judge admonished him not to interrupt. Knight said down and muttered an expletive while Brandlin quickly concluded the proceedings. Knight wore orange jail attire and glasses during the hearing, and spoke while flanked by deputies.

Knight was shot six times at a nightclub in August. Within days of his release from the hospital, he was accused by a celebrity photographer of stealing her camera.

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