COVID-19 Concerns Grow as People Gather for Labor Day Activities

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It’s Labor Day weekend and people are out enjoying it.

Still, doctors are hoping if people celebrate Labor Day Monday, they do it with safety in mind.

In Walnut Creek Sunday, people decided to head outside to the park. For some families there were adjustments.

“Normally, we would get together with family and we have a family members birthday and we would have more flexibility inside or outside. This year, we’re staying outside just to stay safer. This weekend gathering is more low key,” said Lisa Shah of Fremont.

But being outside this weekend also meant dealing with unhealthy air.

In the past there have been surges after major holidays, but now vaccinations are rising.

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong of UCSF spoke to NBC Bay Area Sunday about what he thinks will happen after the Labor Day holiday.

“I suspect that we will have a bump in cases despite our high vaccination rate,” he said. “Just because we have a lot of people visiting from places with higher risk levels and still a lot of folks that are unvaccinated though the percentage looks good.”

Chin-Hong thinks a bump might be modest. Much different than the Fourth of July.

“We definitely saw a large bump after Fourth of July,” he said. “But it was around the time when we were just understanding that people who were vaccinated were able to get break through COVID. I think everyone is aware of that so a lot more people are taking general precautions partially indoors.”

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