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Medical Experts Warn Against Holiday Travel

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Vacation destinations desperate for business are rolling out the red carpet for travelers, even as doctors warn against taking trips. However, the warnings seem to be working.

Doctors say they understand the temptation to travel during the Christmas season, but cases are still spiking in the Bay Area, so they say the better advice is to spend part of Christmas break making summer travel plans.

And after Thanksgiving travel led to a spike in COVID-19 cases, most people said “no” to holiday travel plans. 

They see the enticing online deals to take a trip, but are wary of traveling now.

"We'd like you to stay home," said Dr. Monica Gandhi of UCSF. "I actually am very convinced about the Summer because of two effective vaccines, one's gonna be authorized tomorrow, there's gonna be competition, they're gonna get them out there."

"I was just talking to someone about making plans for the summer of next year,” said Ruby Sierra of San Francisco. “I think by then things should be at some sort of normalcy."

Normalcy that includes a chance to travel safely.

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