San Francisco Loosens Some Restrictions for Nonessential Businesses

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San Francisco will be loosening some restrictions for retailers in accordance with new rules announced Wednesday.

Storefront pickup will be available at a limited number of shops starting on May 18. Just for Fun and Scribbledoodles has been delivering art supplies, games and gifts in San Francisco since the shutdown began in March. The owners said that being allowed to offer storefront pickup is a step forward, but it won’t pay the bills.

“It will serve the community well, but it won’t do anything for my business because we simply can’t do enough volume to pay the rent,” said David Eiland, owner of Just for Fun and Scribbledoodles.

Across the street at Small Fry’s there is some confusion about the mayor’s announcement allowing in-person pickup at businesses like bookstores, hobby and toy stores and sewing stores.

Small Fry’s sells mostly children’s clothes, but it also has merchandise in the other categories. The owners aren’t sure if they meet the criteria to allow customer pickup.

They mayor’s office said more information about what is expected from retailers will be released next week.

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