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SF Residents Call for Enforcement of Safety Rules After Crowd Gathers at Bar

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San Francisco city leaders are reminding people there is still a stay at home order in effect as video of a crowd outside of a Marina District wine bar Friday prompted neighbors to call police.

In the video, people appear to be standing close to one another, and only a few are wearing face coverings.

But on Saturday, the scene was quite different – police officers parked along Chestnut Street to make sure another group didn’t form. Police confirmed that officers talked with business owners about the crowds and told people to disperse.

Nate Welch, the owner of Howells wine bar, one of the businesses where the crowd formed, said he appreciated the quick action by police to help with the crowd.

“We can only control the small square footage of space in front of us,” Welch said. “So if someone is ten feet down the way and they decide to stop while they’re drinking a to-go Margarita or something like that, I have no control over that. So luckily the San Francisco Police came around to disperse that.”

Signs at Howells are posted reminding people to take their drinks home when picking up to-go orders.

Catherine Stefani, a San Francisco supervisor, said she’s concerned.

“The fact that people weren’t wearing masks, and they were so cluttered together, I’m like oh my god no. It was very upsetting," she said.

Stefani said she hopes people aren’t getting complacent. She called on the police department to expand enforcement if people continue violating safety rules.

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