Schwarzenegger to Obama: Gimme Money!

Governator asks for cash during conference

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to jumpstart California's faltering economy by investing in America's crumbling roads and bridges.

Schwarzenegger flew across country to make his case with President-elect Barack Obama at the National Governors Association meeting in Philadelphia

The meeting could mean thousands of new jobs for California and even the Bay Area.

Flanked by a dozen governors, Schwarzenegger laid out his priorities for a Golden State economic recovery plan.

Infrastructure leads the list for creating tens of thousands of new jobs, with $136 billion in projects now ready to go. Schwarzenegger said he is hoping for immediate action on the part of the government.

"America has not done anything when it comes to serious infrastructure building in the last four decades," Schwarzenegger said. "I think it's time we get our act together and do it. This is a good opportunity not only because it will build infrastructure but create great jobs."

Jobs in rebuilding roads, levees and bridges, would put the economy back on track, he said.

With roughly one out of every 12 Californians now looking for work, there is growing momentum to look at infrastructure as the economic stimulus for California.

It would be welcome news for Elias Navarro, a war veteran who is looking for a full-time job after coming back from Kuwait.

"I've applied to at least six different places," Navarro said. "None of them have called me back."

"I know a couple of guys that work for milk companies -- 15 years and got laid off," said Vernon Matthews, who is also looking for work. "It's just rough out there right now."

In Sacramento, Business leaders from across the state urged Congress, and California, to ramp up the infrastructure.

"The economic stimulus effects of this are proven and so we're talking about hiring people, putting them on projects, good paying jobs," said Jim Wunderman of the Bay Area Council.

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