New Coca-Cola Ads Address Obesity

Coke ads to be aired around Super Bowl address health concerns.

Just how many calories are in a can of Coca-Cola? The company is  letting you know -- and letting you know some ways to work those calories off -- in a new series of ads that address the obesity epidemic.

The sugar in sodas like Coca-Cola, the world's number-one soft drink maker, are blamed for the burgeoning number of obese people in the world, according to the Associated Press.

In response, the Atlanta-based drink company has produced a two-minute advertisement to be aired on cable news shows on Fox, CNN and MSNBC. The ad will highlight the many lower-calorie offerings put forward by the company throughout the year as well as mention the other ways -- not just soft drinks -- that people get fat, the news agency reported.

Coca-Cola will also air an ad that shows the many ways someone can work off the "140 happy calories" that are in a can of regular Coke.

Coca-Cola's nod towards expanding waistlines and soda's role in public health comes as cities like New York limit the size of soft drinks sold at public events.

Soda sales have slumped consistently since 1998, and only "healthier" products like Coke Zero have grown.

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