Pregnant CrossFit Competitor Responds to Critics

Emily Breeze, a two-time CrossFit competitor, has posted photos of herself working out during her pregnancy

A North Carolina personal trainer has come under fire on social media for exercising six days a week while pregnant and completing strenuous workouts even past her due date.

Emily Breeze, a two-time CrossFit competitor, has posted photos and videos of herself lifting weights, performing pull-ups, doing pushups all while pregnant.

"It's all I know and it's what I believe in and I want to have a healthy, fit pregnancy," Breeze, 31, told NBC's "Today" show.

Critics said it's "selfish" and accused her of placing her own fitness goals over the health of her baby.

According to NBC News' Medical Contributor Dr. Natalie Azar, "people who were exercising prior to a pregnancy and feeling good about that, they can continue that activity. She added that any exercise done with too much intensity can hurt the mother and child. She said pregnant women should stay hydrated, avoid excess heat and stop working out on their backs after the first trimester.

Breeze said she is following her doctor's rules. 

"I've been with my same OB-GYN for over 11 years, and he's known me in every stage of my athletic career," Breeze said. "So, he always assured me that pregnancy is not a disease, not an illness. It's also not one prescription for everybody. You have to listen to your body and let your body do what it's comfortable doing. And, most likely, it will allow you to do so, because that's what it's always known."

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