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$10 Scratcher Nets South Bay Woman $1 Million

After two months in a coma, woman needed money to pay medical bills.



    A Mountain View woman wins $1 million dollars with lottery scratchers. (Published Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012)

    Emily L could not believe her eyes.

    Last Friday, which was pay day, she started scratching off the numbers of her $10 lottery scratcher ticket she bought at a Rengstorff liquor store in Mountain View and found she was a million dollar winner.

    She said she had a good feeling ahead of the purchase and splurged. After paying her bills, she had $40 left and she decided to spend it on four $10 tickets. As she scratched the fourth one, she realized she was a winner.

    Emily said she immediately locked the doors to her car, started crying and called her mom.

    The South Bay woman had just won $5,000 the week of Christmas on the same $250 Million Cash Spectacular game, so she was surprised to see that her luck had struck again.

    On Monday Emily walked into the South San Francisco lottery office to claim her prize.

    She said the money will come into good use to help her pay off medical bills that have been piling up for the past two years. In 2010 Emily became gravely ill and spent two months in a coma as a result of a life-threatening tumor.

    Doctors told her it was a miracle she survived, but she was left with lots of debt.

    Now, Emily says she will be able to pay that debt. She also hopes to be able to get her scattered family together for a vacation.

    She was one of two new lottery millionaires in the Bay Area this weekend, which made for a busy South San Francisco lottery office on Monday.

    Cora P.  turned in her $11 million winning SuperLotto Plus ticket as well. Cora is a retiree who bought $2 worth of tickets for Saturday's jackpot at Kavanagh Liquors in San Lorenzo. She is a regular player there and found out she won when she scanned the ticket back at Kavanagh's on Sunday.

    Locals will tell you Kavanagh's is the place to buy a lottery ticket. That lottery halo will only grow larger now that a new multi-million dollar winner has been made there.