12-Year-Old Whiz Kid Receives Acceptances From 2 California Universities

Tanishq Abraham joined the IQ society of MENSA at the age of 4

A 12-year-old student has received admission offers from two California universities, NBC News reported. 

Tanishq Abraham of Sacramento received acceptances to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the University of California, Davis. He hasn’t decided which school he’ll attend.

"I'm pretty excited," Tanishq told NBC News on Saturday. "I've been waiting for this for quite some time now. I'll finally be working on my bachelor's. It's very exciting." 

Abraham earned three associate’s degrees last year at the age of 11. A year before that, he received his high school diploma — which earned him a letter of recognition from President Barack Obama. 

The whiz kid joined the IQ society of MENSA at only 4 years old and has big plans for the future: He hopes to become a doctor, a medical researcher, and finally, president of the United States.

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