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2 Adults, 2 Kids Rescued From Capsized Boat Near Bodega Bay

Two adults and two children were rescued after their boat capsized on the Pacific Ocean near Doran Beach, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office.

The group's boat had capsized south of Pinnacle Rock near the beach just after 1 p.m., sheriff's officials said. Sheriff's helicopter Henry 1, the U.S. Coast Guard, County Park Rangers and the Bodega Bay Fire Department also reported to the scene.

As Henry 1 arrived at the beach, reports came in that theoccupants of the boat had gotten out of the water, and when the helicopter arrived at the beach, the crew saw the group huddled together on a somewhat isolated beach with the boat in the surf line.

Two paramedics aboard Henry 1 attended to the victims as they were transported to an awaiting Bodega Bay Fire Protection District ambulance. The group of two adults and two children suffered minor injuries and was wearing lifejackets.

Emergency responders speaking with the group after the rescue determined they had lost their wallets and had no clothing. According to sheriff's officials, deputies at the scene bought gas and food for the group and fire crews donated station sweatshirts and pants to replace the wet clothing.

Ironically, sheriff's officials said the U.S. Coast Guard Station Bodega Bay had a meeting earlier Monday between emergency responding agencies on how to streamline communications between agencies that involved nearly agency that responded to the Monday afternoon incident.

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