2 People Struck By Blow Darts While Walking on Golden Gate Bridge: CHP

Two people were struck by blow darts while walking on the Golden Gate Bridge Friday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol.

At 2:45 p.m., a CHP bicycle officer patrolling the bridge was flagged down by a pedestrian in the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point parking lot. The person told the officer he had been hit in the thigh by a long dart.

An ambulance was called for the pedestrian as a precaution.

While officers were talking to the first victim, a second victim approached them and reported she had also been struck by a dart in her knee cap.

The CHP said both victims had been walking north on the east sidewalk of the bridge. The two victims were evaluated by paramedics and released on scene.

CHP describes the darts as being comprised of a metal body, about 5 inches long, with one end sharpened to a fine point.

"The tail of the dart is topped with a white plastic cap, which allows the dart to be fired from a blow gun," the CHP said in a statement.

The CHP also believe the blow darts came from a car on the bridge.

Both darts are being tested to see if they were coated with any chemicals, the CHP said.

Anyone who may have seen the the incidents occurring are asked to contact the CHP's Marin area office at 415-924-1100.

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