2012 Election? Facebook Already Knows the Winner

The Social Network has spoken.

Exit polls? That's so 2008.

This election year, it's all about the social network.  Specifically, Facebook.  As you already know, people are about as un-shy as they can be when it comes to sharing their political beliefs on the site.  What you might not know, Obama fans and haters, is that all that data is being collected, and added up.

As Republicans spar and the President plays defense, the website socialbakers.com is culling data from Facebook, and adding things up. 

As of now, the company says Ron Paul has the most "viral reach" of GOP candidates, Rick Perry is the "most engaging" candidate, Rick Santorum has the fastest growing fan base, and Michele Bachmann has just been named CEO of Yahoo! (just kidding on that last part. Really).

Socialbakers is known for crunching online data.  It can tell you who is being followed the most on Twitter, and how well brands are doing with their social platforms.  When it comes to politics, expect them to get a lot of attention, as we in the press do our best to guess the winners.

If nothing else, sites like these can give all those poor college students who have to work the exit polls election nights off.  That will give them more time to track results on, you know, their Facebook pages.

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