49ers File Lawsuit Against Santa Clara

The 49ers have filed a lawsuit against the city of Santa Clara after a city council vote Tuesday aimed to end an agreement that allowed the football team to run non-NFL events.

The city claimed the 49ers have mismanaged the events and lost money, the 49ers disagree and want to keep the agreement in place.

“We terminated the 49ers’ non-NFL events agreement because we discovered fraud and wage theft,” said Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor. “They mismanaged a public facility. Profits plunged from around $5 million to $0 in two years. And the city’s rules, like the weekday curfew, haven’t changed one bit since 2014.”

The football team said in a statement Friday that the city’s attempt to end their agreement is unlawful, and that the city is losing money because of the restrictions it puts on artists who try to perform at the stadium.

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