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12 Good News Stories From 2012



    12 Good News Stories From 2012

    You need this just about now, don't you?

    You've been seeing list after list of the top stories of 2012 and noticing just how filled with violence, disaster, and general nastiness these past twelve months have been.

    Fortunately, all this year, NBC Bay Area's Garvin Thomas has been highlighting the exact opposite. His Bay Area Proud has been focusing on the people who are doing their best to make the Bay Area, and the world, a better place to live.

    In 2012, Bay Area Proud profiled more than 60 such people. Here are 12 of our favorites.

    If that doesn't do the trick and you still need a little more cheering up, you can watch all Garvin's Bay Area Proud stories at www.bayareaproud.com.

    The Cape-Making Crusader

    Ask Barbara Casados to sew a button on a shirt for you, she'll say no. Ask her to make a sick kid smile, and she'll sew up a storm.


    Making History In Math

    Judging a school by its test scores is like judging a book by it's cover: do it too quickly and you'll miss a lot of great stories inside. Just ask the folks at San Jose's Mt. Pleasant High School.


    Santa "Claws"

    The only thing more impressive than the number of stuffed animals Al Capri has donated to charity over the years is how he got them.


    Last Ironman Standing

    It took Jeff Schmidt almost eighteen hours to complete the 2012 Kona Ironman Triathlon. And that wasn't even the tough part.


    A Love To Last A Lifetime, And Then Some

    Red Carson says he was in a fog after his wife of 64 years, Dorothy, died. That is, until he woke in the middle of the night with a vision for how to honor her life.



    The Power Of One

    One day a few years ago, Robert Freeman overheard some students complaining about the state of world. He challenged them, and himself, to do something about it.


    Fantasy Flight

    When you area sick child, there is perhaps no greater gift than a day off from your disease.


    The Voice

    When Jane Seaman says she has spent years volunteering for Learning Ally she means it. Literally.


    Putting Their Money Where Their Faith Is

    The Dominican sisters who runs San Francisco's Immaculate Conception Academy risked their futures to save their school.


    Howard's Boat

    Howard White is a perfectionist. What he is not is a quitter. Combine those two qualities and what you end up with is one epic, boat-building project.


     Desperately Seeking Sango

    A San Jose high school rallies around an African immigrant, while Catholic Charities scrambles to find someone he can talk to.

    If You Grow It, They Will Come

    Each year Rich Santoro's backyard explodes with color, and life.