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Abercrombie & Fitch Broke Law Over Muslim Headscarf

Company violated employee's rights for firing her over headscarf.



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    A worker at a Peninsula location of Hollister Co. had her religious rights violated when she was fired for refusing to remove her headscarf, according to reports.

    Hani Khan worked for the Abercrombie & Fitch subsidiary before her February 2010 firing, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. She worked mostly in "stockrooms," the newspaper reported -- and wore her hijab to her job interview, when she was allowed to keep wearing it.

    Turns out that four months into her job there, the company's district manager spotted the headcovering and "contacted" human resources. Khan was then suspended without pay and fired 11 days later.

    The company has a "Look" policy that bans headwear and requires employees to wear clothes seen at the stores. However, the company has in the past allowed Jewish employees to wear yarmulkes -- and allowed 16 other women to wear hijabs.

    The company may appeal the ruling, but Khan can also ask a jury for damages, the newspaper reported.