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Activists Change San Francisco ATMs into Truth Machines

Dozens of ATMs were stickered over.



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    An activist group created this Google map to show the ATMs they say they changed to Automated Truth Machines in San Francisco.

    An activist group has taken it upon themselves to turn San Francisco Bank of America ATM machines into "Automated Truth Machines" by using overlay stickers that point out where they say BofA invests its own resources.

    On Thursday night 85 ATMs had stickers placed over their interface windows, reported. The stickers encourage BofA customers to "stop doing business with Bank of America until they start behaving responsibly."

    Where users would touch the screen to request their dollar amount dispersals, the stickers show options like "Foreclosure on America's Homes," "Bankroll Climate Change," and "Invest in Coal-Fired Power Plants."

    Although maps each specific ATM the group hit on Thursday, we didn't see any stickers when we checked one of the ATMs on Friday evening.