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Adobe Brings 3D Printing to Photoshop

Got a printer? Do it in the cloud



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    Scott Budman
    3D printing technology on Photoshop? Sweet!

    3D printing is hot.

    At CES this year, it warranted its own section of the show floor, with companies like 3D Systems and MakerBot showing off new machines to help you make dishes, toys, even food.

    If you have access to one of these 3D printers (and a MakerBot model will start at around $1400), Adobe Systems wants to make printing even easier. Its Photoshop software, now available in the cloud via a subscription, will give you the tools to make a 3D print - assuming you can get your hands on an actual printer.

    Adobe is not the first company to bring software to the 3D printing game. But it is significant, in that Adobe products are in a lot of homes. This may be the latest way 3D printing becomes less of a mystery to households, and more of a possibility.

    It should be mentioned that the 3D option applies only to the cloud version, not the stand alone version.

    So, 3D designers, start your software engines.

    Scott, who has tasted 3D candy, is on Twitter: @scottbudman