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Adult Woman Accidentally Turns in Mother as Kidnap Suspect

Mother wanted in 1984 New Jersey abduction arrested in Tahoe.



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    Mother arrested following 1984 alleged kidnapping case out of New Jersey.

    A 32-year-old Nevada woman apparently unaware she was the victim of a parental abduction in New Jersey in 1984 has unwittingly prompted the arrest of her mother.

    This happened in the Tahoe area and reminds some of the Jaycee Dugard case.

    Authorities were tipped off this week when the daughter, who is now an adult, tried to change her name to get married. She apparently didn't know her mother was wanted. A routine records check revealed she had been reported as a missing child in 1984.

    57-year-old Nancy Dunsavage Fiedler was taken into custody at her home near Lake Tahoe Tuesday night after she allegedly admitted she was the woman wanted on a fugitive warrant issued in New Jersey.
    Prosecutors say Fiedler was the noncustodial mother of 6-year-old Eva Marie Fiedler when the two disappeared at a custody hearing 25 years ago.
    Sgt. Frank Roman of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office tells The Associated Press the two had been living together in Incline Village. Detectives had followed dozens of leads, both domestic and international, in an attempt to locate Fiedler and her daughter in the 26 years she has been missing.
    The daughter apparently had no idea her mother was a suspect in her disappearance.

    In the Dugard case it was a stranger abduction. Dugard was kidnapped in 1991, when she was 11 years old in South Lake Tahoe.  Dugard's kidnapper held her for 18 years. 

    Then one day Dugard happen to be talking to her kidnapper's parole officer who found her behavior odd.  That officer pressed Dugard for information and found that she was a kidnap victim. The case unraveled from there.