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Annual "4/20" Marijuana Party In Golden Gate Park Is Not Free

Annual illegal smokeout costs city over $10,500.



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    DENVER - APRIL 20: A man smokes a joint at a pro-marijuana "4/20" celebration in front of the state capitol building April 20, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The annual cannabis party in Golden Gate Park is not dissimilar.

    The annual marijuana party in Golden Gate Park on April 20 -- that special holiday for the cannabis user -- is free for anyone who wishes to come out and smoke.

    But it's not free for San Francisco taxpayers.

    The thousands of revelers who descend upon Sharon Meadow in the eastern end of Golden Gate Park every year cause about $10,500 worth of trouble to the Recreation and Park Department, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The crowds bring with them trash and litter, according to officials, which takes about four days and extra money to clean up.

    Police response is muted -- the activity, while illegal, is not a law enforcement priority for the San Francisco police department. Cops will be on the lookout for people trying to bring alcohol into Sharon Meadow, and will be looking to make sure nobody commits violence, the newspaper reported.