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Antique WWII-Era Explosives Force Evacuation in SF

Two homes evacuated during a five-hour operation.



    Antique WWII-Era Explosives Force Evacuation in SF

    World War II ended in 1945, but the impacts are still being felt today -- in Twin Peaks.

    Two homes on Christopher Drive near Twin Peaks in San Francisco's Forest Knolls area were evacuated after vintage World War II-era munitions were found in one of the homes, police told the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The home is an unoccupied rental property. Police received a call about the munitions there at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. After discovering the armaments for themselves, police evacuated the occupied homes on either side of the rental home and cordoned off the area.

    Exactly what the antique explosives were -- bombs, grenades, a land mine, a particularly juicy pulp novel -- was unknown, according to a police spokesman.

    Whatever they were, they were removed by the bomb squad in a five hour operation, police said. They were boxed up, put in a trailer and driven away to be disposed of later, police said.

    Who owned the munitions and what they were doing there remains a mystery.