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BART Worker Guilty In eBay Ticket-Reselling Scheme

A BART worker is guilty of theft in a ticket reselling scheme.



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    A BART employee and his wife were convicted of running a scheme in which BART tickets were sold on eBay, according to reports.

    Avery Nulph, a BART station agent, and his wife Gladys Nulph pleaded no contest to felony grand theft in Alameda County Superior Court and will serve five years' probation, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    They'll go to jail for up to a year, however, unless they can pay BART $48,000 in restitution by January.

    Their scheme was simple: station agents like Nulph can collect tickets from passengers who are short on their fare as long as their tickets' worth is within a dollar of the required fare.

    But instead of collecting and destroying the short tickets as he's supposed to, Nulph added value to them and then Gladys Nulph sold them on eBay, the newspaper reported. They ran this scheme from 2010 until this year, according to the Chronicle, and made an unpsecified amount of money.

    Avery Nulph, 40, also "faces possible discipline and termination from BART," the newspaper reported.

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