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Mano a Mano With Grizzly

"I looked at him I kicked him dead in his face. Pow! He was done after that," teen said of bear encounter.



    Mano a mano with a bear in the Alaskan wilderness.One Bay Area teen survives a bear attack. A mother bear viciously attacks his wilderness survival group, but he walks away after taking the bear on. (Published Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

    A teenager from the Richmond was mobbed by his family Monday night as he returned from an outdoor adventure in Alaska that nearly cost him his life when a grizzly bear attacked him.

    Victor Martin was participating in a 30-day back-country adventure organized by the National Outdoor Leadership School. He was walking across a river single file with six other teens when the bear burst out and viciously attacked two of the campers in the front of the line. The bear then went after Martin biting him in the leg.

    "I looked at him I kicked him dead in his face right in the middle. Pow! He was done after that KO. Don’t mess with me I don’t play that homey, don’t play that," Martin said.

    This happened Saturday night. It took rescuers 8 hours to reach them after they activated their emergency locator beacon.

    Richmond Teenager Survives Bear Attack

    [BAY] Richmond Teenager Survives Bear Attack
    A teenager from Richmond survives a bear attack in Alaska.
    (Published Monday, July 25, 2011)

    "The whole time I’m worried if the bear come back what happens you got two people that can’t walk and I’m limping," Martin said.

    He went on the trip to prepare for college and says this is an experience he could have done without.

    "It’s not my time I still got a lot to do a lot to accomplish not my time to go and I think that man up there agrees."