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Bay Undergoing Watersport Renaissance



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    There's never been a better time to hop into a kayak, with a wave of new facilities for non-motorized watercraft popping up all around the bay.

    It's called "The San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail," and it'll cost about a million dollars to install and improve landing areas. The new sites will make it easier for folks to slip into a canoe and paddle around the bay.

    That includes canoes, rowboats, sculls, kiteboards, and dragon boats, according to the San Rafael Patch.

    All in all, as many as 112 sites may benefit. Most are already in use, and you can expect to see them officially united in the trail within a few months.

    But as watery trails experience a revival, San Francisco's having trouble maintaining trails on land for bicycles. Some controversial lanes in the Tenderloin recently got the ax after heavy criticism.

    Because of antiquated state laws, the city had to designate the middle lane for bicycles, putting them between fast-moving cars and buses. Now, the center-lane bike markers are gone, but it's unclear where bikes are supposed to go. Eventually, the city may transition away from one-way streets, which tend to be unsafe.