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Big Day Above San Jose

Online and local audience expected for Falcon Banding Day



    Big Day Above San Jose
    Clara and Esteban with their 2010 clutch.

    It's a big day for a trio of young falcons who already have hundreds of admirers.

    University of California scientists will put identification tags on the three baby falcons atop San Jose City Hall Monday morning.

    Wildlife biologist Glenn Stewart, with the UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group, will rappel over the top of the 18-story San Jose City Hall into the nestbox of the city's beloved falcons.

    Viewers around the world will be glued to the online FalconCam, while local fans will gather around City Hall to watch as parents Clara and Esteban Colbert attempt to fend off the "intruder" dangerously entering their nestbox. The falcons are expected to give a pretty good show, dive-bombing the experts, shrieking and "cakking" as they try to protect their young.

    After the banding, experts will determine whether the chicks, officially knbown as "eyeasses" in the natural world, are male or female.

    Clara laid four eggs in March. The city opened up naming rights to the chicks in the form of a contest for kids. The contest deadline is Monday.