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Boosted Boards Let You Skate Uphill

The team, which includes two young PhD's, launched the boards on Kickstarter and have raised more than $390,000 as of Friday.



    Gadget Friday Boosted Board

    This Friday's Gadget is the Boosted Board. $1,200 for a 2.6 horsepower electric skateboard that can go 25 miles per hour! It's a great Kickstarter project - see more at (Published Friday, Sept. 28, 2012)

    Just about everyone had tried skateboarding down a hill.  The Boosted Board from three of Stanford-educated, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs lets you skate - uphill.

    A pair of powerful electric motors put a total of 2.6 horsepower at your control.   Accelerate using the wireless remote in your hand.

    "It's way more fun than I expected it to be.  It reminds me of riding a motorcycle for the first time," gushed on fan on the company's page.

    The team, which includes a trio of  Stanford grads - Matt Tran of Sunnyvale, John Ulmen and Sanjay Dastoor, both of Redwood City - launched the boards on Kickstarter and have raised more than $390,000 as of Friday.  A $1,199 pledge gets you a board. True skateboarders will appreciate the boys used quality gear, including  a bamboo longboard and Jehu bearings. "We don't believe that adding a motor means compromising your setup," the company states.

    The board has a tremendous amount of power and torque, meaning it has the ability to carry you up any San Francisco hill, but accelerates suddenly - which takes some getting used to.

    Everyone in the newsroom was eager to try it out, but Scott McGrew wouldn't let them until after the morning news, just in case. Watch NBC Bay Area's Jon Kelly and Laura Garcia-Cannon give the boards a whirl. (View the video above left)