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Bryan Stow Settlement Could be 'Massive': Attorneys

Panel says any settlement could impact Dodgers' ability to pay creditors.



    For the first time we hear from Stow's friends about the attack outside Dodger Stadium. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011)

    A payout to Bryan Stow and his family could be a "massive" financial liability for the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to attorneys for the team's creditors.

    The Dodgers are more than $600 million in debt and a group of attorneys has been assigned to act on behalf of the team's creditors.

    This week the group said that any payout to the San Francisco Giants' fan, who was beaten and sustained serious injuries in the Dodgers' parking lot on opening day last season, could seriously impact the team's ability to pay off its debts.

    The debt amount does not take into account  any potential settlement or estimate of a jury reward for Stow and his family.

    Bryan Stow Speaks on Camera for the First Time

    [BAY] Bryan Stow Speaks on Camera for the First Time
    Stow who was severely beaten at a baseball game, speaks for the first time on video, on an upcoming episode of Rock Center.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011)

    The team doesn't believe it is liable for Stow's injuries, despite his family's claims to the contrary and their lawsuit against the Dodgers.

    Dodger owner Frank McCourt is trying to sell the team for more than $1 billion, with debts and tax liabilities that could hit that number.

    Stow's family is seeking damages for the team's alleged negligence in protecting fans at its stadium.

    This week "Rock Center with Brian Williams" showed video footage of Stow's recovery for the first time since his sustained injuries to his frontal lobe.

    While Stow is now able to communicate at a basic level and slowly write his name, his family doubts that he will ever be able to return to work as a paramedic.