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State Jobs Site Down For 1 Week

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A security glitch forced the CalJOBS Web site system down for about one week.

    The Employment Development Department said it opted to shut down the online job exchange system as part of a security measure. It said it discovered some people were able to access other users' resume information from the site.

    "EDD recently took this precaution in light of a few isolated cases of unauthorized access to posted information. Such access was available to a limited number of postings and did not compromise confidential information contained in the system such as Social Security numbers," according to a posting on the site.

    The EDD said it believed it happened because users were being given the same ID.

    "As the system has been used so much more in the course of this recession, we have found that some of those randomly generated ID codes may have been repeated much later in time," said EDD Spokesperson Loree Levy.

    Levy said EDD is working to ensure the entire system is fully secure before restoring access to CalJOBS.

    Job seekers who try to access the site get a message saying the page is "temporarily unavailable."

    Pam Banegas is one of more than 2 million Californians looking for a job. She said she is upset the Web site has been down over a week and still isn't fixed.

    "I'm out here pounding the pavement trying to use the one-stop center," said Banegas. "It's worse than frustrating. You spent your time, your energy, your gas and nothing."

    Until the Web site is working, people collecting unemployment are not required to register with CalJOBS in order to receive benefits.

    The EDD said it hopes to launch a brand new Cal Jobs Web site replacing the 12-year system in a couple months. Levy said it will be more secure and user friendly.

    The CalJOBS site helps Californians search for employment opportunities.

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