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Condoleezza Rice Has Gift For President



    Condoleezza Rice Has Gift For President
    Condoleezza Rice said the current outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe should be a sign to the international community that it is time to stand up to Mugabe.

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's book tour turned a bit nasty Monday in San Francisco.

    CODEPINK protesters stopped the event at the Mark Hopkins hotel yelling things like, "Shame on you, Condoleezza Rice! You're wanted for war crimes. You should be in jail!"

    Security quickly escorted the five women out of the room.  They were detained by San Francisco police for a short time before being released.

    CODEPINK is famous for these kind of disruptions.  Rice has been targeted by the group several times during her time in the national spotlight.

    On Monday, Rice acknowledged the protesters saying, "She can say whatever she wants."

    Rice is in the middle of a national book tour.  "Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family" is a biography of her life.

    She told the crowd that during a recent visit with President Barack Obama, she gave him a special young adult's version and asked him to pass it along to his two daughters.