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Could Car Trains End Bay Area Traffic Gridlock?



    A shot of the 580 freeway during rush hour and the Dublin/Pleasanton Bart Station.

    Could taking drivers' hands off the wheel be the end to the Bay Area's commuting nightmare?

    A study funded by the European Union aims to find out. Under a project called Safe Road Trains for the Environment, eight cars at a time will be linked together and driven by a professional driver, according to a report on Inhabitat.

    While the train is in motion, the drivers of the seven other cars can use their hands to enjoy a book, sip a latte or dare we say, even talk on their cell phones.

    Project planners hope the idea could drastically reduce travel time, fuel consumption and even road congestion.

    The study is still in the infancy stages but a test run could be launched in Sweden, the UK, and Spain but on tracks.

    First the group will have to figure out how to ensure no cars get sandwich between each other and how to make the trains without having to completely overhaul the current freeway infrastructure.