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Coyotes On The Prowl in San Francisco

A thriving coyote population in San Francisco is only growing larger



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    Coyotes are on the prowl in San Francisco.

    Real-life wild dogs are on the prowl in San Francisco, which has itself a coyote problem.

    "More than 100" coyotes are alive in well in the City by the Bay, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which notes a marked increase -- there was just 15 "a little more than a year ago," according to outdoors writer Tom Stienstra.

    That figure is based on "crops of pups" as well as a field study and photography by Natures Lantern, the newspaper reported.

    Coyotes have been seen crossing busy streets like Sunset Boulevard, and have been seen in populated areas from Telegraph Hill to "the outer Richmond District," the newspaper reported.

    The coyotes also favor golf courses, according to sightings.

    The coyotes, which feast on squirrels, raccoons and also dogs and cats, appear "well-fed," according to the newspaper -- which theorizes they feed on feral cats in Golden Gate Park as well.