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Screaming Toddler Booted from SJ Flight

"Go! Plane! Go!" "I want Daddy!"



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    It's a common story. You're on a packed cross-country flight and you get stuck sitting next to a screaming child.

    But this time, that child and his mom were asked to leave before everyone was told where the oxygen masks would fall.

    Pamela Root told the Mercury News that's what happened to her this week on her flight home to San Jose from Texas.

    Her 2-year-old son, Adam, was hollering (that's what kids do) but instead of a smiling in an understanding way, the flight attendants of this Southwest Airlines flight asked her and her child to exit the plane.

    Root said her embarrassment quickly turned to anger.

    Her luggage continued home to San Jose, leaving her without things like a portable crib or diapers.

    She wants Southwest to not only apologize, but also to repay her for the things she had to purchase during her additional night stay in Amarillo.

    A Southwest spokesperson promised the paper they would look into the matter when the reporter brought the incident to their attention. Spokeswoman Marilee McInnis said it was "very rare" to ask a passenger to leave and that is was especially "unusual" to remove a crying child.

    Root rebooked on a flight the next day and while she said Adam "had his moments" on that one, he fell asleep shortly after takeoff.