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Dog Mauling Victim Died of Blood Loss

Victim died from blood loss combined with shock after being attacked by her own dog.



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    Darla Napora was attacked and killed by her own dog.

    Pacifica police just released new details in last week's fatal dog mauling.

    Last Thursday 32-year-old Darla Napora, who was pregnant, was discovered unconscious by her husband inside their Reina Del Mar Avenue home. Their two-year-old pit bull named Gunner was standing over her. She died soon after.

    Today, the official cause of her death was determined to be blood loss, coupled with shock according to the San Mateo County Coroner. The blood loss apparently came from extensive bite marks. A final report won't be out for weeks, but it will likely show the same.

    Police also said that a necropsy on the pit bull indicated that the male dog was the only one  responsible for the attack.

    A second pit bull named Tazi was at the home at the time of the attack, but it has been determined that she did not have anything to do it, according to police. Investigators said the bite marks on the victim were from one dog.

    For now, police said they will not release the 911 call.

    Police officers shot and killed Gunner after the dog approached officers while they were trying to revive Napora.