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ESPN, Foursquare Team Up



    ESPN, Foursquare Team Up

    Foursquare's new Events platform added a heavy hitter when ESPN paired with it to provide tips, stats, and other real-time data around sports venues -- worldwide.

    The 10 million subscribers to foursquare can now find out things like:

    • Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia): Be sure to find the McNally's stand out in left field, home of Mike Schmidt’s namesake (in sandwich form): The Schmitter. This beast features sliced steak topped with tomatoes, fried onions, 3 layers of cheese, special sauce... and grilled salami.
    • Safeco Field (Seattle): Sushi at the ballpark? Why not! Go to Rice-N-Roll in Section 137, and grab yourself an Ichi-Roll. And if you want the full experience, eat 51 of ‘em.
    • Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay): Peer out to right field. In a sea of teal, you’ll see a lone yellow seat in section 144. That’s where Wade Boggs’ 3,000th hit (a home run) landed back on August 7, 1999.

    There's a foursquare "brand page" too.

    At the end of a game, users will get an ESPN link in their foursquare that points to a mobile site with summary and other information.

    And the all-important badge, just waiting to be earned? An ESPN Foam Finger.