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This Ex-lover Tale Makes Cable's Look Tame



    This Ex-lover Tale Makes Cable's Look Tame
    Former 49er learns his fate in the BALCO case.

    So Tom Cable isn't the only Bay Area sports personality dealing with some ugly fallout from domestic violence allegations.

    Dana Stubblefield, a former 49er, Raider and BALCO case plea-copper,  has been hit with a restraining order from his former fiancee. She accuses Stubblefield of stalking her, locking her indoors, stealing her mail and account logins, and trying to run her down with his Chevy Suburban.

    In the words of, "So basically...convicted steroid user has anger issues? I'm shocked and appalled."

    The allegations make Tom Cable sound less menacing than Tom Jones. In one particularly brutal allegation, Stubblefield's former fiancee Melanie Wade asserts that he tried to run her down with his SUV. "He was running me off the road, it was almost like a horror movie," Ms. Wade told ABC 7 News. "And he bumped me off my bike and I went forward and I got cut up and bruises." Ms. Wade's mother is backing the allegation as an eyewitness.

    "Wade says Stubblefield went to the post office, forged her signature on a change of address form, and had her mail forwarded to his house, including her paychecks, phone bills and bank statements." Stole a girl's paychecks! That's most effed-up ex-boyfriend behavior I've ever heard of.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports that Stubblefield has "stepped away from his duties" as an assistant football coach at Valley Chroistian High in San Jose.

    The trouble for Dana Stubblefield is that he's already on probation for lying to federal investigators in the BALCO case. If any of this stuff sticks, he's certain to be sent to prison.

    Oddly, Stubblefield once made a cameo in the movie "Reindeer Games" -- in the role of a prisoner.

    And his claim to fame from his time on the film set? He accidentally knocked out Ben Affleck.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who dreams of not-accidentally knocking out Ben Affleck.