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Fake Credit Card Lands Man in Jail

A 26-year old SF man went shopping and was approved for jail.



    Fake Credit Card Lands Man in Jail
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    A San Francisco man who went shopping with a fake credit card has earned himself points -- in jail.

    A man who went shopping using a fake credit card has landed in jail, according to reports.

    Police say Alfred Ismael Galimba, 26, entered a San Carlos jewelry shop with a fake credit card on which his real name was printed, according to the Palo Alto Daily News.

    He tried to buy a gold bracelet and earrings from The Victorian Decorative Arts Shop but the card was declined (since it allegedly was not real). He left the store, telling the employees he would get another card from his car, and then drove away, the newspaper reported.

    Galimba was identified thanks to police having his real name from the card, and he was also out on bond for felony drug charges related to methamphetamine arrests on April 8 and April 18, according to the newspaper.

    He pleaded no contest to felony commercial burglary and will serve seven months in jail, the newspaper reported.