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Father of Boy Mauled by Pit Bull Speaks Out



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    A picture of young Jacob Bisbee who lost his life Thursday.

    A day after the step-grandfather of a 2-year-old boy mauled by a family pit bull, spoke out about the tragic death, the boy's father spoke as well.

    Steven Hayashi, 52, was arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of child endangerment and possessing a mischievous animal that causes death, Concord police Lt. Jim Lardieri said.

    Hayashi's step-grandson, Jacob Bisbee, died after three of his five pit bulls attacked the toddler in the garage of the family's home at 1785 of Trailcreek Court at about 8:45 a.m. Thursday, police said.

    Hayashi was not at the house when the attack happened. Jacob was at home with his grandmother, his uncle and his 4-year-old brother when he walked into the garage and the three dogs attacked him. Two other pit bulls were in the yard but were not involved in the attack.

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    The man whose pit bulls fatally mauled his step-grandson talks from jail about the tragic incident.
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    Hayashi spoke Thursday from the jailhouse where he is being held.

    "They were our dogs I blame myself...It's something I have to live with for the rest of my life," Hayashi said.

    Hayashi's son -- and Jacob's father, Michael -- broke his silence a day after the incident. The 2-year-old's father still seemed to be in shock Friday afternoon.

    He came to the door of the family home, holding on to his 4-year old son.

    "I know for a fact that my father loves my son and I know for a fact it was an accident," he said. "I hope we get (my father) back because my family needs him to heal. It's not just the loss of my son my family needs him to heal. We can't heal without my dad. He doesn't deserve to go to prison"

    Michael said he took great pain in making sure the dogs stayed away from the children.

    In all the Hayashi family had five pit bulls living in the garage of the family home in the 1700 block of Trailcreek Ct. in Concord, Calif.  The step-grandfather said he got the original pit bull mix from the pound and later found out she was pregnant. She later had a second litter and the family ended up with five animals.

    "I have the mentality a dog is a dog (and) now a realize why people treat pit bulls differently than a regular dog," Hayashi said.

    Hayashi says his wife tried to give the 2-year-old CPR after she found his body in the garage. The last thing he said he heard his wife say is "he passed."

    Steven Hayashi is facing child endangerment charges and is currently behind held in Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez on $120,000 bail.