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First Spare the Air of the Season



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    The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Sunday issued its  first smog alert of this summer through its Spare the Air program.

         Air quality on Monday is expected to be unhealthy, according to  the Air District.      Air quality has been healthy most of the summer because of the  unseasonably cool weather, Air District Executive Officer Jack Broadbent  stated in a release. Weather on Monday in the Bay Area is expected to be  sunny with highs on the coast in the 70s to 80s and inland in the upper 80s  to near 100.
         Residents are encouraged to drive less and reduce their energy  use. There is no free transit and no wood-burning ban in place, Air District  officials said.
         The Air District also recommends cooking inside -- not outside on  the grill -- and to avoid using aerosol spray cleaners, paints and hairspray.
         The Air District issues Spare the Air advisories to warn people of  unhealthy levels of smog, which can cause throat irritation, congestion and  chest pain. High levels of ozone pollution are particularly harmful for young  children, seniors and people with respiratory and heart conditions.