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Found Dog Holed-Up in SJ Hotel

The Saint Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose has an unexpected mascot today.



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    Saint Claire Hotel
    This adorable puppy was found running in traffic on South Market St. in downtown San Jose.

    We have a found puppy story to tell you about.

    A woman named Elizabeth Rose, who works at the Saint Claire Hotel, noticed a puppy running through busy downtown San Jose traffic Tuesday morning.

    She scooped up the little guy and took him inside the lobby.

    Once there, workers began the laundry list of things people do in situations like this. First, they looked for a frantic owner outside. Then they looked for tags on the puppy. They even took the little guy (who is really a girl) to an animal shelter to see if she was equipped with an ID chip.

    After all those efforts came up empty they contacted NBC Bay Area and asked us to share this story with you.

    If you know the dog, who is a min-pin chihuahua mix in good health, please contact the hotel at 408-271-3338.

    The staff has nicknamed her Claire. She is currently in Room 217 in a nice cozy dog bed. She has all the room service she can eat, plus water and lots of walks. What she is missing is a home.

    If the real owner can't be found, Rose said they are open to accepting adoption offers.