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Getting a Jury Summons is Bad Enough



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    It's hard to find a person who happy to be chosen to sit in one of these chairs.

    Officials from a San Francisco-based court agency are warning  Californians about the recent resurgence of a juror identity theft scam.
    The Administrative Office of the Courts, which makes the state's  court policies, is issuing public warnings about telephone calls from people posing as court officials who ask for personal and financial information from  potential jurors.

    Callers then use the information to steal or use identities, apply for credit cards or loans, or empty bank accounts, according to the agency.

    The Administrative Office of the Courts and staff from the superior courts will never ask past or prospective jurors for financial details such as credit card or bank account numbers, or other personal information such as social security numbers or dates of birth.

    Official court personnel may contact jurors by telephone but will not request personal information.

    If you receive a telephone call from someone identifying him or herself as a court employee and requesting financial or personal information, contact the fraud unit of your local police department and the jury service  office of your local court.

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