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Greg Anderson Stands by His Friend

Bonds' ex-trainer reiterates refusal to testify



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    Sports trainer Greg Anderson once again proved his love for former Giants' slugger Barry Bonds Tuesday.

    Anderson appeared in a San Francisco courtroom alongside Bonds during a pre-trial hearing for Bonds' upcoming perjury trial.

    Anderson told the judge that he has no intentions of testifying during the trial and for that, the judge said she will likely put him back in jail later this month.

    U.S. District Judge Susan Illston told Anderson, "You will very  likely be ordered into custody until the conclusion of the trial."

    Anderson would be ordered to jail during the trial, which begins March 21 and last two to four weeks. That's nothing compared to the year that Anderson has already spent in jail for refusing to testify.

    Anderson and Bonds are childhood friends. Anderson was Bonds' trainer during his best years as a homerun hitter for the San Francisco Giants.

    Also in court today, Bonds' plead not guilty to charges that he lied to a federal grand jury about his suspected steroid use.

    The New York Times points out that the relationship between Bonds and Anderson is at the crux of the government’s case. If Anderson refuses to testify, it makes the case much harder to prove.

    The trial isn't about Bonds' alleged steroids use, its about lying.  The government claims Bonds lied under oath when he spoke to a grand jury investigating BALCO labs. During that testimony he said he thought the BALCO products his trainer gave him were legal supplements.