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Hero Dog Needs Chemo Prior to Snout Surgery

A dog that lost a large portion of her face is to sick to have surgery right now.



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    UC Davis

     A dog from the Philippines who became an international hero after she sacrificed her snout to save two young girls will have to wait a little longer for surgery to repair her missing muzzle.

    The Sacramento Bee reports that veterinarians at the University of California, Davis said Tuesday that Kabang needs treatment for heartworm and chemotherapy for a vaginal tumor before she can have the gaping wound on her face closed.  
           The mixed-breed dog ended up in Davis last week after a nurse from Buffalo, N.Y., spearheaded a fundraising campaign to bring her to the U.S. Veterinarians in the Philippines had been unable to treat her injuries.
           Newspapers in the Philippines reported that Kabang had her snout and upper jaw sheared off when she jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle while she was walking with her owner's daughter and niece.