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    Hipster or Homelessan SF-grown site which launched on Monday, is the latest ammo for anyone who loves to hate hipsters. In a comic nod to ridiculous hipster fashions, the site asks you to decipher between photos of hipsters and homeless (even Rebecca Black and Jared Leto have fallen victim).

    Though it may seem a bit off, the whole thing's actually a project to raise awareness for homelessness.  Playing off the seemingly insta-popularity of any site of the "look at that silly hipster" ilk, recent college grad Parker Ruhstaller is aiming to harness this initial traffic and attention his site (Perez Hilton tweeted it, after all) to shine a spotlight on non-profit organizations that benefit the Bay Area's homeless population.

    As of now, their "Support the Homeless" section isn't all that visible at the bottom of the homepage and only lists two (Bay Area Rescue and Homeless Youth Alliance) of the dozens of similar outreach programs in town, so let's hope they beef it up (or even add a section to donate to local causes) so they can really make a difference. If you've got party pics floating around on your phone, send them in to help Hipster or Homeless along its altruistic mission. Who knows? Maybe it'll become a force to be reckoned with.

    Hipster or Homeless?

    [BAY] Hipster or Homeless?
    Hipster or homeless? Funny or tacky? In a city that prides itself with compassion for the homeless a new websitethat rates whether dressed down San Franciscans look hip or homeless is raising some eybrows -- and believe it or not...gaining some traction.
    (Published Wednesday, June 29, 2011)

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