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Identified: Cities with Highest DUI Risk

Drunk and distracted drivers abound in two California cities



    Identified: Cities with Highest DUI Risk
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    SAN BRUNO, CA - NOVEMBER 27: A man is given a field sobriety test after he was stopped by San Bruno Police officers at a DUI checkpoint November 27, 2006 in San Bruno, California. San Francisco Bay Area law enforcement agencies have begun to set up DUI checkpoints as the holiday season gets underway. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    You may want to think twice before getting behind the wheel -- it's dangerous out there.

    Two California cities hold the dubious distinction of having the highest numbers of drunk-driving offenses. San Jose and San Diego apparently have trouble knowing when to say when, according to a recent survey.

    Factors that bump up reported DUIs: more partying, more enforcement of DUI laws, and less public transit. The number of drunk drivers caught is directly proportionate to the amount of money that police get for enforcement, according to one official, so there's no telling how many drunk drivers are actually out on the road at any given time.

    Cities with fewer reports include Chicago, Baltimore, and New York.

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    In 2012, it may get a little harder for drunks to get behind the wheel throughout California. A tough new DUI law would revoke licenses for up to 10 years for drunk drivers. The measure is estimated to take 10,000 drunks off the road, according to its sponsor.

    That law didn't come soon enough for a Santa Rosa woman who was arrested this weekend under suspicion of driving drunk. She was going over 70mph when cops pulled her over, and there were two children in the car.

    Another proposed law that would have imposed penalties for using a cellphone while driving was recently nixed by the Governors Highway Safety Association.