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A Child's View on Gay Marriage



    A Child's View on Gay Marriage

      "I was excited when they finally got married" said 10 year old Cameron Hulberg Whiteside.

    He is talking about the day  last October his two moms, Linda Hulberg and Michelle Dana got married in San Jose.

    The couple live in Morgan Hill with their three year old daughter Grace and ten year old twin boys Cameron and Anton. "If the law said gay marriage would not be acceptable I would be a little sad," said Cameron. 

    He doesn't understand the arguments against gay marriage saying, "Gay people don't come from another planet , all people are the same."

    He says occasionally friends don't understand what it's like to have two moms but he says he does everything his friends do with their parents, like play football and do homework. 

    "Its really not that much different from having a mom and a dad you just have two of the same kind of people getting married" said Cameron.