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Lance Armstrong Donates $1.5 Million for California Tobacco Tax

Retired bike racer has a long history of pushing cancer-related causes.



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    Lance Armstrong is spending $1.5 million to fund Proposition 29 in California.

    Lance Armstrong really hates drugs, especially ones that cause cancer.

    The survivor of testicular cancer is putting up $1.5-million to push Proposition 29, a June ballot measure in California that would add a $1-per-pack tax on cigarettes.

    The money generated by the tax would be used to fund cancer research.

    The political donation will come from the coffers of Armstrong's Texas-based charity foundation.

    The 7-time Tour de France winner retired from professional racing earlier this month just before a probe into him allegedly using steroids was cleared.

    Armstrong's donation is one of his first major public moves since he retired from racing. His charity donates millions annually to fund cancer research.