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Legally Growing Pot in a Trailer Out Back



    Legally Growing Pot in a Trailer Out Back

    The Cow Palace is hosting the first-ever International Cannabis and Hemp Expo which celebrates all things marijuana.

    There are vendors, speakers, booths and bands all ready for anyone who wants to see the latest and greatest products focused on growing and ingesting pot. 

    The weekend event is the stage for Oakland's mega-store iGrow to introduce its latest "thing."

    IGrow's Dahr Mann has a new option for those wanting to grow their own pot, for medical purposes of course.  Mann helped come up with a new concept that puts pot growing on wheels.  Tom Patton with GrowOp Technologies partnered with Mann to develop a mobile marijuana growing station they call "buds."

    A bud is a trailer fully equipped and ready to grow marijuana.  They sell for between $10,000 and $60,000.

    "The Little Bud is built so it literally can push right into your garage and again you just add electricity and water and you're good to go...or good to grow," Patton said.

    Customer Dexter Gary, who is a lung cancer patient, is considering buy one.   "I think it's great. I think instead of having to buy lights and buy the growing material and the pots and everything, having that one complete system works for me. It's going to save me hundreds of dollars over the years," Gary said.

    All you need is a 220-power hook up and tap water and you are ready to grow your own pot.
    The smallest is the size of a small container truck and the largest is a 53-foot-long big rig.

    Cow Palace Hosts Medi-Pot Expo

    [BAY] Cow Palace Hosts Medi-Pot Expo
    Medical pot users and supporters gather at the Cow Palace in Daly City for the first-ever International Cannabis and Hemp Expo. There's even a place where card-carrying patients can medicate.
    (Published Saturday, April 17, 2010)

    Mann and Patton were initially hoping to sell 40 for the entire year and they have already sold 37 with little to no advertising.

    Lori Preuitt wonders if any Prop. 215 voters saw this one coming while punching their ballots.