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Vallejo Man Recognizes Own Stolen Car, Runs Down Thief

Owner of stolen car takes it back.



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    You'd recognize your own car anywhere -- as did a Vallejo man who chased down the driver of his stolen car.

    A Vallejo man took the law into his own hands. And then he took back his stolen car.

    On Monday just before 11 a.m. police in the Solano County city received a call from a man who was following his own stolen Acura Integra.

    The car had been discovered missing at 6 a.m. that day, and was spotted and pursued through city streets, according to police. Despite a quick costume change -- the car had been spray-painted primer black -- the theft victim recognized his own set of wheels, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald.

    The car owner and a relative drove up to the car in question and informed the driver that "he was driving his car," according to the newspaper. The suspect then put the stolen car in reverse and attempted to "drive erratically" to elude his citizen pursuers.

    He made it one block before crashing the car into a telephone pole and fleeing on foot. Not satisfied with merely having a dented car back in his possession, the Acura's owner chased the man and held him in custody until police arrived, the newspaper reported.

    The susepct, James Jackson, 39, of Vallejo, is now in custody, according to police Sgt. Kelly Schroeder -- who added that this kind of encounter is "not typical" for Vallejo, the newspaper reported.